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Suspended Inter-Spaces

Entropy- Macrostates & Microstates

Hand Hole-Punched Paper Installation, 6'x6'x9'

March 11 – May 15, 2022 Kaplan Gallery

VisArts, Rockville, MD

VisArts presents SUSPENDED INTER-SPACES with 18 artists revealing the ways that they immerse themselves in a space between the origin of their creative vision to its final completed presentation. During the suspended time of creation, these artists explore rituals that transform their routine studio practice. Whether the ritual is directed by linear, kinesthetic, or simultaneous impulses, it usually propels the act of making from a deep personal level, perhaps from the unconscious to the conscious, or the perceptual to the conceptual, or the profane to the sacred, or superstition/mythical to reality. Artists often times use every day seemingly insignificant ceremonies as mechanisms for guided observation, enriched discovery, and notational research to offer a new flow of ideas into their studio practice. It may be that a starting point is so challenging, or that the gathered research so overpowering that steps to organize and impel the act of making come into play from a remembered place, or perhaps a new place of discovery. The exhibition intends to bring together the varied group of artists in three gallery spaces, to ultimately broaden the traceries of human experience. It will feature a selected grouping of media including two and three -dimensional objects, performance, sound, and video that call upon surrealistic qualities, superstition, vigil, tension, polarities, and sacred practices.

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