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Bodies: Sections & Reflections

Artists, scientists, and philosophers think about the universe and the cosmos on multiple dimensions--as interior and exterior realities, spiritual planes, and scientific wonders. How we see ourselves in these worlds, how others perceive us, how we want to be seen, how we try to stay invisible—or on the contrary, how we call attention to ourselves, are starting points for this exhibit and related discussions.


All events take place in Strongin/Collection Gallery : 1631 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC or online

Opening Reception: October 1st/5:30-7:30pm (in person only)

Artists Talk with Linda Button and Shanthi Chandrasekar: October 5th/6:00-7:00pm (online)

Our Place in the Cosmos: Do You See Me? Artists Linda Button and Shanthi Chandrasekar will be joined by Natasha Bhagat and Dr. Santi KM Bhagat, founder and inspiration of Physician-Parent Caregivers and the Invisible Wave Movement: October 19th /5:30—6:30pm (in person & live-streamed). At least 1 in 4 young adults live with a chronic condition, invisible and struggling. There are efforts underway to help young people emerge from the shadows. Dr. Bhagat and her daughter Natasha are warriors in these efforts and will share their story. The framework of perception drawn, painted, and visualized in the work of artists Linda Button and Shanthi Chandrasekar will provide another dimension to the discussion.

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