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My Maya installation is up at The REACH at  The Kennedy Center from April 5-14. The hole-punched paper installation will be accompanied by physicist and science writer, Michael Albrow's poem. This exhibit was curated by curator and writer, Sarah Tanguy.

The Maya installation was inspired by various concepts and theories in physics ranging from the quantum to the cosmic realms. The varying sizes of the holes refer to the scales in the universe, the layers of paper to different dimensions, and the patterns of the holes symbolize the symmetries and asymmetries that make matter and life possible. The same white paper changes in value as light and shadows dance on its surface reminding us of ephemerality that can span from a billionth of a second to billions of years. 

Here is the link to the announcement of the Maya exhibit with the videos:

You can watch videos of the conversation between Sarah and myself, and Michael’s poetry reading on the Kennedy Center website. You can also find the printed version of Michael’s poem at the Welcome Desk next to the installation.

Videos by Tony Ventouris Photography

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